Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

upcomming dates juni

2.6 recat
3.6 soulparlor album release party @ peng mz. feat ig culture .uk
4.6 gekkos
9.6 redcat
10.6 le bar
11.6 gekkos
12.6 summer of soul /mainz
16.6 redcat
17.6 lebar
18.6 gekkos
23.6 redcat
24.6 le bar
25.6 gekkos
30.6 redcat

Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

Teaser "Cream & Cookies" Instrumental LP Produced by Shuko & F of Audiotreats from SHUKO on Vimeo.

cookies & cream

Cookies & Cream is the new instrumental album from popular German beatsmiths Shuko and F. (of Audiotreats). Shuko and F. have lent their production talents to artists ranging from Lil Wayne & Rick Ross to Vinnie Paz & Immortal Techniqe to Talib Kweli & Keith Murray, but this new Instrumental album shows off their more soulful side. Hard hitting drums and warm basslines compliment the finely chopped samples that make this a must have for the summer months. Cookies & Cream will be released tomorrow via iTunes. Thanks for your support. The album can be sampled

Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

audiotreats & yosoy hoodie thx!

audiotreats dates

5.5 redcat phat cat
6.5 le bar
7.5 gekkos
12.5 redcat phat cat
13.5 le bar
14.5 gekkos
19.5 redcat phat cat
20.5 le bar
21.5 gekkos
26.5 redcat audiotreats presents beatnuts
27.5 le bar
28.5 apt . frankfurt
3.6 travolta frankfurt